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Nashville FlyBoard has become the new “Must Try” experience while in Nashville! Visit us at our Nashville Shores location inside Cap’n Dave’s Water Sports, just a short drive from Downtown Nashville. Our Master & Certified Zapata Instructors will also serve your group at the location of your choice with our Top of the Line Equipment, all the Latest Zapata Racing Gear, and Dependable Service to have you and your group Flying high in no time! No previous water sports, or athletic skills required!

Where To Find Us

Visiting Nashville? Percy Priest Lake is closest location to you, and is one of the many locations we serve. Come to our lakeside resort at Nashville Shores, or pick a cove out on the lake where we’ll meet you. Nashville FlyBoard offers multiple options for your event or party, such as Flyboard® Demos, FlyBoard & JetPack Combo Packages, Wavepads, HD GoPro Video, and more. Keep watch on our Blog and follow us on Instagram, Facebook & Twitter to learn about our Events, News, and Contests. Learn more about FlyBoard® sessions and pricing here.

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About Nashville FlyBoard

Nashville FlyBoard was founded in 2014 by Melissa Moore. We strive to maintain a positive relationship with all of our customers by providing dedicated service and one on one Instruction to each individual. Nashville FlyBoard is an official Zapata Flight Center that provides both sales and rentals of all the latest Zapata products and technology.

Safety is Our Top Priority

Nashville FlyBoard is dedicated to helping Hydroflight sports stay safe, fun, and easy! We invited the TWRA for a visit over the 2017 summer season to discuss issues and concerns of safety with Hydroflight Sports. We educated the TWRA about the new water sports, and that when participants act responsibly, as with any boating, water sports, or lake activity, Flyboarding and Hydroflight Sports are no more dangerous than riding a jet ski, and may actually be safer with our Certified Instructors guiding you all the way through.

TWRA Officers Visit Nashville FlyBoard

TWRA Officers Visit Nashville FlyBoard To Discuss Hydroflight Safety & Learn About the Popular New Water Sport

TWRA Talks FlyBoarding

TWRA Officers Talk About FlyBoarding with Nashville FlyBoard Owner Melissa Moore.

Officers From the TWRA Are Interested To Learn About Hydroflight Sports

After showing Officers from the TWRA how Flyboarding works, the officers get the understanding that when participants act responsibly, as with every boating, water sports or lake activity, Flyboarding is no more dangerous than riding a jet ski!

Watching the Training Video

Officers watch the Training Video at Nashville FlyBoard before Flyboarding

Ready to Go Flyboarding!

The officers from the TWRA were excited to try Flyboarding!

They Loved It!

The TWRA officers who came out to Nashville FlyBoard had a blast – So did we! We’re extremely grateful to them for taking the time to learn more about Hydroflight Sports!

Exclusive Services Only at Nashville FlyBoard.

Experience The Exhilaration of FlyBoarding – Quickly, Safely & Easily – Guaranteed!

Nashville FlyBoard makes Flyboarding easy & accessible for everyone! We specialize in Solo, Group & Event rentals, and offer FlyBoard sessions from 20 minutes to a full weekend. Our Professionals are equipped to travel to any location you choose throughout Middle TN & Upper Cumberland region, and will bring everything you need to start surfing the sky!

Nashville FlyBoard Water Sports Rentals & Sales Services

We provide Water Sports rentals in a fun, friendly, safety conscious environment. FlyBoarding and Hydroflight (HF) sports are the newest revolution in water sports, and have taken the world by storm.

FlyBoarding may look intimidating while watching videos of the pros, but it’s very easy. With the right Instructor, anyone can learn to do it, regardless of athletic skill or prior water sports experience. The Hoverboard and JetPack by ZR® is also available to try at Nashville FlyBoard, and each Hydroflight device provides a very different experience of exhilarating jet powered human flight.

What To Expect at Nashville FlyBoard

Our crew provides the Middle TN & Upper Cumberland region with all official Zapata products, including the FlyBoard®, Hoverboard, and JetPack by ZR® for sales & rentals. When you book with Nashville FlyBoard, you will be provided with top of the line, dependable equipment, and a highly skilled Certified Instructor to teach you to flyboarding quickly and safely. The Instructor continues to teach the rider tips and tricks throughout the entire flight, as the rider quickly adapts to the FlyBoard®. Helmets & life jackets, which are required, are also provided for all rentals at no extra charge.

Nashville FlyBoard specializes in group & event rentals of all types, and also offers rentals for singles. Equipped to travel, we’ll meet you at your boat, house, or houseboat. As long as the area meets our safety standards, you and your group can chose your favorite cove, or let us suggest one for you.

We provide services for all types of events including Bachelor Parties, Birthdays, Graduation, Corporate Events, and much more. Our service areas include: Percy Priest, Center Hill, Old Hickory, Dale Hollow, Tims Ford, and more.

Advertise with Nashville FlyBoard

Got an event on the lake, at your Marina, or Downtown near the Riverfront? We’ll Fly your promotional banners, perform demos for your guests and more. It’s an awesome way to bring attention to your business! Call us at (615) 580-9030 for more about advertising opportunities with Nashville FlyBoard!

Is FlyBoarding Hard?

NO! One of the most frequently asked questions, and biggest misconceptions about FlyBoarding! FlyBoarding is very easy especially when you’re being trained by the highly skilled crew at Nashville FlyBoard. As with most sports, your Instructor plays an important role in how quickly and easily you learn, and our Instructors guarantee most people are up in five minutes.

FlyBoard Safety – Always Be Sure You’re Flying with a Certified Instructor!

At Nashville FlyBoard, crew members are trained to take extra precautions to ensure flight operations in the safest conditions possible. Particular ways to ensure customer safety is to perform systematic preflight equipment checks, ensure safe operating conditions in bodies of water by having them surveyed for depth and obstructions, and by remaining in these areas that are safe and familiar to the crew. We have set up “safe zones” for each lake where we operate. If our crew is called into an unfamiliar area by request, we will test and maintain safe conditions by learning the water depth, release schedules of dams, inspecting the area thoroughly, and checking for any other irregularities immediately prior to a flight.

Authorized Zapata Racing Dealer

Sales of all Zapata Racing products, including the FlyBoard®, Hoverboard by ZR®, and ZR Water JetPack, are available at Nashville FlyBoard, an authorize Zapata dealer. Our FlyBoard® pros offer services ranging from Wireless EMK Installation to FlyBoard® repairs, and will provide the 3 hour training course which is required for all first time purchases of the FlyBoard®, Hoverboard & JetPack by ZR®.

Only Nashville FlyBoard has the trained and experienced professionals to provide you the service, safety, knowledge, and instruction you can trust. We make it our mission to teach our customers about the safety of Zapata Racing products. With the proper safety protocol in place, Flyboarding is the safest way to Fly, and the most fun you’ll ever experience without as much risk of other Adrenaline sports.

Nashville FlyBoard Services Include:

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Installation
  • Consultation
  • Instruction
  • Demos

Services & repair are provided for all New & Used Zapata Racing Products. Contact Us to purchase parts & accessories.

Nashville FlyBoard Business & Employment Opportunities: If you are interested in joining a team of motivated professionals, please Contact us.