FAQ FlyBoarding & Nashville FlyBoard / Terms & Conditions

Is FlyBoarding Hard?

No! FlyBoarding is Very Easy.

Flyboarding does not require any prior knowledge of water sports, or any other sport. We’re so confident we can teach you, we offer a money back guarantee on all 30-60 minute rentals. After our 5-10 minute introductory lesson, most people are flyboarding in minutes! Our ZR Certified instructors will teach you the tips and tricks to get right up.

Is FlyBoarding Safe?

Yes! Our Master & Certified Instructors Ensure Your Safety

Our Zapata Racing Master & Certified Instructors are extensively trained to make sure you stay safe while you experience the thrill of your life. Always make sure you are always Flyboarding with an Official Zapata Racing Instructor, and FlyBoarding is very safe. There has never been anyone seriously injured on the Flyboard®. Anyone interested in purchasing or renting a FlyBoard® is required to take an introductory safety course through an Official Zapata Racing owner’s training center, or Nashville FlyBoard.

Is There A Weight Limit To Try The FlyBoard?

Weight Restrictions for the FlyBoard® are 100-300 Lbs.

Weight restrictions apply from 100lbs to 300lbs. If you weigh over 300lbs., Contact Us prior to your session, and we might be able to accommodate you.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Rent The FlyBoard?

Minimum age for FlyBoarding is 13 Years. The Hoverboard by ZR® is 18.

Nashville FlyBoard requires renters to be 13 with a legal guardian present. See our Terms & Conditions about our new age limit. Must be 18 to rent the Hoverboard by ZR® at Nashville FlyBoard.

Where Do I Rent the FlyBoard®?

Nashville Flyboard operates at most recreational lakes in TN.

Our service areas include Percy Priest, Center Hill, Old Hickory, Dale Hollow, Tim’s Ford, Lake Cumberland, Kentucky Lake, private property, & special request locations for groups or parties. We will meet you at a public boat launch, your marina, out on the lake at your boat, or even at your house. If you are unfamiliar with the area, we will be happy to recommend a convenient location. We also have the option to accommodate your group at Cap’n Dave’s inside Nashville Shores, where you’ll have the option to relax in the shade, or on our rafts while the others are FlyBoarding. Request Cap’n Dave’s Water Sports for your group.
– If you are visiting Nashville, Percy Priest Lake is the closest lake to you. See our Locations

Where can I Buy The FlyBoard, JetPack, or Hoverboard by ZR®?

Nashville Flyboard is an Authorized Zapata Racing Dealer.

We’ll provide the 3 hour training course required with all Zapata Racing Purchases. Because Nashville FlyBoard is up to date on all the latest ZR gear, our invaluable experience with these products will be passed on to you after your purchase, and during your training.

Nashville FlyBoard offer Sales, Rentals, Repairs, Instruction, and Installation of FlyBoard, EMK, & more. Visit our Online Store, or Contact Us for repairs & installation.

How Big Are The FlyBoard® Bindings?

Our FlyBoard® Bindings Fit Most Everyone

Zapata Racing bindings are the same as Wakeboard bindings, with sizes that adjust from Men Size 6 to 15.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy a Flyboard®?

Under $6k to Get You Flyboarding. FlyBoard® Kits Come in Many Variations.

The New FlyBoard Sport, Pro Series FlyBoard®, X-Armor Hose, are just a few of the many exciting new ZR products. For more information about purchasing a Flyboard®, Contact us. You can also visit our online store (more coming soon).

Do You Need Two People to Operate the FlyBoard®?

No. Buy the Wireless EMK

It is recommended for beginners to have a second person to control the thrust through the PWC’s throttle, but If you purchase the EMK (Electronic Management Kit), you will be able to operate the FlyBoard® by yourself.

How High Can I Fly?

Beginners Height Varies by Skill Level.

Beginners will get up to about 3-7 feet above the water during their first FlyBoard® session. It feels like you much higher! An Experienced rider can get to Approximately 30-35 feet above the water. Longer hoses, and the horse power of your PWC, determine your maximum height.

What Is The Minimum Horsepower Required for a PWC to Use the FlyBoard®?

For Best Results, Over 130 HP with a Dual Impeller.

Minimum required is 100 HP, but over 130 HP is recommended for best results. We also recommend installing a dual impeller for better performance.

How Do I Book a Session to Try the FlyBoard®?

Book Online here, or Call (615) 580-9030

You have several options for booking with Nashville FlyBoard. Book online, call us at (615) 580-9030, or email us at booking@nashvilleflyboard.com. Your booking is confirmed after you receive a verbal  or email or confirmation. Your card will never be charged until your booking request is accepted, and our website is secure.

How Do I Book a Group FlyBoard® Session?

Nashville FlyBoard Gives You Options For Your Group FlyBoard® Rental.

To book a party or event, contact us at (615) 580-9030, or email us at booking@nashvilleflyboard.com. See our many locations to choose from. We serve lakes that are not listed on our website by request. We have the ability to serve over 30 people in one day. We have experience with all types of events, including: Bachelor / Bachelorrette Parties, Birthday Parties, Graduation Parties, Corporate Events, Team Building, Reunions, Just for Fun, and More! We also provide a location to host your party, while FlyBoarding, Lakeside! Learn More..

What If I Want Two FlyBoards?

Two Pro Series FlyBoards Can Be Provided for FlyBoarding Two at a Time.

You can have more people FlyBoard for less time! Two FlyBoards may include an additional fee in some instances, or for smaller groups. Just ask, we’ll be happy to accommodate you!

Terms & Conditions

By booking, shopping, & using this website, you agree to our terms

Please be at the meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please Do Not Be Late! If you arrive 10 minutes after your scheduled flight time, you may be required to forfeit your flight. You will not be refunded for any lost flight time. Please be prepared to pay $4 – $9 for parking.


Age Requirements:

Riders must be 13 years of age. All minors must have a legal guardian present, and remain on site during the activity. Please do not book children under 13. If you bring a minor who’s age is questionable, please bring proof or risk being turned away.

Weight Restrictions:

Riders must weigh at least 100lbs, 300lbs maximum weight. If you are slightly over our maximum weight, please let us know ahead of time so we can make proper arrangements. – Riders will be required to wear a helmet and life jacket during the flight. We provide sizes from S to XL. If you cannot fit into these, please bring your own, or let us know ahead of time. Call (615) 580-9030 with any questions.

General Safety

–  Riders will not be permitted to ride if they are intoxicated or impaired in any way. Everyone must sign a waiver agreeing to this.

– Participants will be given instructions on what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. If you do not follow these instructions and safety requirements, and act in a manner that would endanger yourself, our employees or anyone else, the ride will end and you will be asked to leave with NO REFUND given. This is a very safe activity if you follow the instructions!


Severe Weather: We fly rain or shine! We do not fly in lightning, or high winds that will make it too dangerous. In the case of severe weather, please make sure you can be reached at the contact number provided on your reservation. We will make every attempt to reach you if there is any reason we will be unable to fly. If weather does not permit us to perform as agreed, you may reschedule your flight or a full refund will be given.  please call us that morning at (615) 580-9030, or leave the best information for us to reach you for instructions. If you have concerns about the weather, please leave a message if we cannot pick up.

Cancellation Refund Policy: 48 hour cancellation is required for full refund. You must speak to someone verbally to confirm your cancellation. Please leave a message if you cannot reach us so we can return your call. No refunds will be given within 48 hours of flight unless due to a documented medical condition or emergency. We are very reasonable so contact us with extenuating circumstances, but please understand that when you make a reservation that keeps another paying customer from being able to fly that day, we expect that you will be there.

FlyBoard Hoverboard & JetPack Rental Terms

  • All riders must be at least 13 years old with a legal guardian present. 18 for Hoverboard & JetPack. If you bring a minor who does not meet our requirements, you will not be refunded. Guardians are required to stay on the premises while your minor is FlyBoarding.
  • All riders must weigh at least 100lbs. – 300lb maximum
  • You cannot Flyboard® if you are pregnant, or have an ongoing heart condition
  • We do not recommend the Flyboard® if you have had any recent surgeries, or have knee or ankle problems
  • You must know how to swim, and we do not recommend the FlyBoard to people who are afraid of heights, or water
  • Tax will be charged at time of booking and is not included in price
  • Prices are subject to change without notice. Check scheduling page for current prices
  • Proof of Certification is available upon request from all of our Flyboard® Instructors. Please make sure you are FlyBoarding with a ZR Certified Instructor for your safety!
  • Our instructors reserve the right to refuse anyone if they are concerned for the rider’s safety
  • 30 minute Flyboard® sessions are offered at Percy Priest, Center Hill, & Old Hickory Lake. These sessions will be offered at other lakes during special events. Lakes other than our primary 3 will require a minimum of 1-2 hour sessions.
  • Please arrive 10 minutes early for a short intro lesson.
  • PLEASE BE ON TIME! If you are late, you will forfeit your flight time, and no refund will be given.


Gift Cards

When you make a purchase for a gift card, you purchasing an eGift Card. If you would like to purchase a physical Gift Card: 1. put your email address rather than the “recipient” during checkout 2.  Email us at booking@nashvilleflyboard.com with the subjet “Gift Card”  3. Specify if you would like a Gift Card for an additional fee of $2.50, or a Gift Certificate for print at no additional charge. You will hear from our staff regarding your preference. You may contact us directly to purchase your Gift Card, but please note, our available hours are limited off season. Gift Cards are redeemable for any FlyBoard®, Hoverboard by ZR®, or ZR JetPack® that is available to book at the time of scheduling. Gift Cards are not valid for purchase of products in the Nashville FlyBoard Shop, and are  only redeemable toward rentals. All Gift Cards expire in one year, 365 days from purchase date. Gift Cards may not be redeemed for any cash value.


Online Shop

We have terms & conditions for our store, and you may view them here. We are not responsible for your order using our shop if you cannot prove training, and do not plan to take the required 3 hour training course, with Nashville FlyBoard, or another FlyBoard company near you. Under no circumstances will buyers be permitted to take posession of a FlyBoard®, Hoverboard or JetPack by ZR® until proof of the training course is provided. If you place an order for the FlyBoard®, Hoverboard, or Jetpack by ZR®, you will be refunded if you cannot show proof of training. This does not apply for parts & accessories.

Operator’s Training Course

Nashville FlyBoard will provide the 3 hour owner’s training course that is required to purchase the FlyBoard, Hoverboard, or JetPack. Please allow 3-5 days for the order to processed, and another 3-5 days for shipping. Prices are subject to change. Used products are sold as is. All new products come with a ZR manufacturuer’s 1 year warranty for mechanical defects. This does not cover wear and tear, or aggressive riding.

  •  Bookings subject to availability. You are making a booking request, and your card will not be charged unless your booking is accepted and confirmed.
  • Flight request or reservation is not guaranteed until you receive a verbal or email confirmation. Please provide the best information to reach you. If we have a change and cannot reach you, you will not be refunded.
  • All participants will be required to sign a liability form, and must produce a photo ID before your flight
  • To Purchase a FlyBoard® or Hoverboard® , You Must Complete 3 Hour Training Course. If you want to purchase a FlyBoard outside of Tennessee, we will set you up for your training course with the training center closest to you
  • Helmets and Life Jackets Required, and are Provided By Us From Sizes Small to XXL If you are smaller or larger than these sizes, contact us prior to your flight. Binding sizes adjust from Men Size 6 to 15. For smaller sizes, use neoprene socks
  • Terms, and Prices Are Subject to Change. It is your responsibility to check this website for current information
  • FlyBoard® & Hoverboard® Will Not Be Shipped Directly to Buyer Unless Proof of Training is Provided. Other ZR Products will be shipped in 7 to Business 10 Days
  • Sale Prices Good While Supplies Last


Fly or It’s Free Guarantee 

Applies to 30-60 Minute FlyBoard® Sessions. Group sessions do not apply, but if there is someone in your group who does not FlyBoard, and is given a full 30 minutes to learn, we will give you a 10% refund.

Excluded from the “Fly or It’s Free Guarantee”: Minors, People with injuries or medical conditions, do not meet our requirements as listed in our Terms above, do not speak / understand English as a first language to understand the instruction being provided to you, intoxication.

Instructor’s discretion may be used to determine if the person FlyBoarding qualifies for a refund. Refunds will not be given for discounted sessions, you will learn to FlyBoard regardless.


Note: FlyBoarding is VERY easy! If you are not suffering from any knee or ankle problems, and can understand the instructions given to you, you will learn to FlyBoard.

More Questions?

If we didn’t answer all of your questions, feel free to drop us a line anytime.