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3 Hour Training Course Required For Purchase. Provided by Nashville FlyBoard. Call (615) 580-9030 for sales and information.

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Pro Series Flyboard® by Zapata Racing

The FlyBoard® is one of the greatest inventions of our time! Franky Zapata has given us all the ability to fly like super heroes. All it takes is to strap on the bindings & power up your Jet Ski. The Flyboard® is the safest, easiest way to fly! You don’t have to have any special skills to use the FlyBoard®. If you want to learn the tricks, all it takes is practice like any other water sport. After you get the hang of it and you’re airborne, you can marvel at the fact that you are actually flying, and flying high!

The FlyBoard® is an something every adventure seeker should experience. Come fly with Nashville FlyBoard for the Ultimate Adventure in Water Sports! Or, buy your own Pro Series FlyBoard® and we’ll help you get started with our training course.

Purchase Options
If you are interested in purchasing a Pro Series Flyboard®, Hoverboard by ZR®, or ZR JetPack®, a 3 hour training course, is required and provided by Nashville FlyBoard.

Purchase options for the Pro Series Model include:

  • Choice of Hose – X-Armor, Standard, X Power Hose
  • Hose Length – 18-23m
  • Bindings – M, L (Flyboard® only)
  • Pump Interface Bolt Kit – Specific to Make & Model of PWC
  • Wireless EMK – Experience the Freedom of the Flyboard®
  • Quick Nozzle – Allows you to quickly switch back to PWC steering
  • New ZR Dual Swivel System
Services Provided by Nashville FlyBoard
Nashville Flyboard, an authorized dealer for Zapata Racing, stays on the cutting edge of technology by owning and operating all new and used Zapata Racing products. Each ZR product, which is new to the world, has a unique mechanical design, and instruction technique. Professional knowledge regarding these products can only be obtained by continuous, regular use and experience of the unique characteristics of each product. This type of experience has been obtained by Nashville FlyBoard throughout long term, studious use. Only Nashville FlyBoard has the trained and experienced professionals on all Zapata Racing products with the experience and skills to provide you the service, safety, knowledge, and instruction you can trust.

We make it our mission to teach our customers about the safety of these products which must be respected, studied, and operated on a regular basis to obtain the knowledge that could potentially save our customers from making a critical mistake.

Nashville FlyBoard Services Include:

  • Sales
  • Rentals
  • Installation
  • Consultation
  • Instruction

Services Provide for all New & Used Zapata Racing Products.

Safety & Certification
Thanks to the system Franky Zapata, inventor of the Flyboard® and founder of Zapata Racing, had the foresight to put in place, no one has ever been seriously injured on the Flyboard®. The system that has helped keep Flyboarding safe, and therefore legal, relies on levels of Flyboard® professionals called “Certified” and “Master” Instructors.

The Levels of Certifications are as follows:

  • Owner Certification: This is obtained through a 3 hour training course by Nashville FlyBoard. It is required for future purchases, parts, repairs, warranty issues, etc., and is provided by Nashville FlyBoard.
  • Certified Instructor: To become a Certified Flyboard® Instructor, the student is required to take an 8 hour training course provided by a Master Instructor, pass a multitude of tests, log at least 20 hours of flight time (practice operating the Flyboard®), and maintain CPR & First Aid Certification. Once the course is completed, the Instructor is fully qualified to safely operate the Flyboard® in a rental operation, and is qualified to train for the Owner Certification. Individual Flyboard® Certification course very in price, and training techniques. Nashville FlyBoard provides the FlyBoard® Certification training program to employees.
  • Master Instructor: The Master Instructor is the most skilled, experienced, and qualified FlyBoard® Instructor. The Master Instructor is responsible for properly training, and assessing the student that is to become a Certified FlyBoard® Instructor. The Flyboard® certification courses vary in price and techniques throughout the country. Melissa Moore, Master Instructor at Nashville FlyBoard, has developed a vigorous training course for students with the desire to become Certified Flyboard® Instructors. All employees of Nashville FlyBoard are required to complete this training course, and must prove they have the ability to operate the Flyboard® in a strict, safety conscious manner.

If you are interested in becoming a Certified Instructor at Nashville Flyboard, and think you have what it takes to work in an environment where you must remain alert and reactive at all times, while maintaining a relaxed and friendly atmosphere for customers, Contact Us. Please include any experience with PWCs, Marine Engines, water sports, and other skills that you feel make you a qualified candidate for the Nashville FlyBoard crew.


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