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Soar to New Heights & Experience an Adrenaline Pumping Hydroflight Adventure Only at Nashville FlyBoard! Book a Group Combo to Experience the FlyBoard®, and the Hoverboard or JetPack. Group Rates Always Apply!

Real Time Availability at Percy Priest Lake. Call to Book Other Locations!

Call (615) 580-9030 for Same Day Bookings, or Groups of 4 or More.

All FlyBoard® Sessions Include: Pro Series FlyBoards,  ZR JetPack or Hoverboard, Top of the Line Jet Skis, Master & Certified FlyBoard® Instructors, Helmets & Life Jackets (required), Intro Lesson, and  One on One In-Flight Instruction to guide you all the way! A GoPro Video is optional, you’ll want a keepsake of this experience!

What You Will Experience: A fun, easy exhilarating rush of adrenaline and power that will propel you above the surface of the water. After a short intro lesson, most people are up in five minutes! You’ll learn to FlyBoard® with top professionals, all the latest ZR gear, and the best Hydroflight setup on the market, ensuring you the best Flyboarding experience possible! 

FlyBoard® Experience (20-30 Minutes for 1 person)

Starting at $75

FlyBoarding at Old Hickory Lake

Book a solo session at our new location on Percy Priest Lake! Try the 20 minute flight for a quick thrill,  or our 30 minute flight, which  is the prime amount of time recommended get the full experience of the  FlyBoard®. You’ll learn some cool tricks, and experience the funnest, fastest & easiest way to feel the thrill of jet powered flight. Includes 10 minute Intro Lesson, 20 or 30 Minutes of FlyBoarding each. Book Online with real time availability at Percy Priest Lake inside Nashville Shores at Cap’n Dave’s Water Sports! Call (615) 580-9030 to book other locations, and groups of more than 4-5 people. “Fly or it’s Free” Guarantee for 30 minute flights! Weekday Rates Now Available.

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Extreme FlyBoard® Adventure (60 minutes for 1-2 people) ~ 

Starting at $150!

You & a friend will discover the unforgettable experience and full adrenaline rush of the FlyBoard® for 30 minutes each! You’ll both learn the basics, and feel the sensation of jet powered flight as you soar above the water like Iron Man. It is a fun, safe & easy adventure for two. Includes a 5-10 minute intro, 30 minutes of FlyBoarding each, one on one Instruction with a Certified Instructor, and all equipment is provided. Book online for Percy Priest. Total time 1:10. Call (615) 580-9030 to book Groups of more than 4, and other locations. “Fly or it’s Free” Guarantee! Weekday rates Available. 

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The Ultimate Adventure (FlyBoard® 4-5 People) ~

Starting at $350!


The Ultimate Adventure allows you to experience this extreme flying Adventure with for you and up to 4 friends! Choose 20 minutes each for 5 people, or a 30 minutes each for 4 people. Everyone will receive a quick intro, which will have them Flying in minutes. Choose 20 minutes each for a quick thrill, or 30 minutes each for the optimal Flyboarding experience. This is a great opportunity to bring people together to do something new, fun and adventurous! Includes a short intro lesson and 20 or 30 minutes of FlyBoarding each for 4 to 5 people at Percy Priest Lake. Call (615) 580-9030 to book groups of more than 5, and other locations. Weekday Rates Now Available!

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Book The JetPack & Hoverboard by ZR®!

Book Online with Real Time Availability at Percy Priest Lake. Call to Book Other Locations!

Call (615) 580-9030 for Same Day Bookings or For Group Options & Rates.

Combo Flights now available for solo rentals, and couples! Book a combo for 30 minutes each, on both the FlyBoard® & choice of JetPack or Hoverboard.

Jetpack by ZR® (30-90 Minutes for 1-2 people) at Percy Priest Lake – Starting at $120

Try the new Jetpack by ZR®! A different ride from the FlyBoard, but the same concept. You’ll learn to manuever the JetPack in the water, and then we’ll take you up to soaring heights! We’ll give you a short intro lesson, then you’ll be strapped in by Zapata’s state of the art five point harness. Our Certifed Instructors will teach you everything you need to know to get soaring on the Jetpack. Includes a 10-15 minute intro, 30 full minutes of flight time each. All equipment provided. We’ll Come to You. “Extreme Adventure Flight” Available at Percy Priest, Center Hill, & Old Hickory. Total time 1:10.

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Hoverboard by ZR® (30-60 Minutes for 1-2 People) at Percy Priest Lake – Starting at $120

Hoverboard by ZR

The Hoverboard is best described as a blend of Surfing, Snowboarding, and FlyBoarding – but the thrill is incomparable! You’ll learn to power surf through the water, then lift your lead leg for an intense thrill and rush at radical speeds! This is a more extreme experience than the FlyBoard®, and a sports background will help you out on this one. Add a 20 minute Hoverboard session to any Nashville FlyBoard session for $75! Includes a 5-10 minute intro, 30 full minutes of flight time each. All equipment provided. Must be 18 for Hoverboard by ZR®.

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FlyBoard / JetPack / Hoverboard by ZR ® Groups & Events

Bachelor Party Nashville Teams up with Nashville FlyBoard

Experience  FlyBoard® or add  the JetPack, or Hoverboard by ZR® for our combo rental packages! Starting from 2 hours to a full weekend. Our Group  packages allow you to experience the most exciting flying adventures in the world! Spend the day on the lake and have the time of your life while you experience both the FlyBoard & JetPack or Hoverboard at your leisure. Group & Combo rentals available for all locations for 20-30 minutes of flight time each for up to 30 people in a day. Includes one on one instruction for each person in your group by our Master & Certified Instructors. All equipment will be provided and brought to you and your group at the location of your choice. The combo package is best for a full day rental to give everyone time to get the full experience. If you cannot reach us, Please leave a message! We are likely out on the lake and will return your call promptly.

Call (615) 580-9030 to Book Groups & Events for Any Location.


Make your dreams reality at Nashville FlyBoard! Book a flight for the best adventure in Nashville with the FlyBoard®, JetPack and Hoverboard by ZR®! From beginner to pro, we’ve got you covered! Flyboarding is a Must Try Adventure for all thrillists and adventure seekers! 

We have crews based in Nashville, TN at Percy Priest Lake, and at Center Hill Lake. We will travel to any lake in Mid TN or Upper Cumberland for half or full day bookings. Choose a Flyboard®, Hoverboard or JetPack session with Nashville’s top professionals in Hydro Sports!

 Group rates always apply! Nashville FlyBoard has the capacity to serve 1 – 30 people in a day for any type of event, including Bachelor, Birthdays, Graduation, Reunions, Corporate Events, VIP private parties & more.

Included, What To Bring, What To Know About Your FlyBoard Session:

Included with Each Flight:

Choice of Hydroflight Device or Combination of: Flyboard®, JetPack or Hoverboard by ZR®

One on One Course with a Certified Instructor

Helmet, Life Jacket, Safety Gear

What you should bring to your flight:

Swim attire – Everyone (male and female) is required to wear shorts.

A towel and some dry clothes if you’re inclined.

What You Should Know Before Your Flight:

Please be at the meeting point at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled time. Please Do Not Be Late or you may have to forfeit some of your flight time.


– You must be 13 years of age. All minors must have a legal guardian present, and remain on site during the activity.

– You must weigh at least 100lbs, 300lbs maximum weight. If you are slightly over our maximum weight, please let us know ahead of time so we can make proper arrangements.

– You will be required to wear a helmet and life jacket during the flight. We provide sizes from S to XL. If you cannot fit into these, please bring your own, or let us know ahead of time. Call (615) 580-9030 with any questions.

– You will not be permitted to ride if you are intoxicated or impaired in any way. You must sign a waiver agreeing to this.

– You will be given instructions on what to do, and more importantly, what NOT to do. If you do not follow these instructions and safety requirements, and act in a manner that would endanger yourself, our employees or anyone else, the ride will end and you will be asked to leave with NO REFUND given.

This is a very safe activity if you follow the instructions!


Severe Weather:

We fly rain or shine! We do not fly in lightning, or high winds that will make it too difficult or dangerous to fly. If weather does not permit us to perform as agreed, a full refund will be given, or you may reschedule your flight. In the case of severe weather, please call us that morning at (615) 580-9030 for instructions. Please leave a message if we cannot pick up. Please make sure you can be reached at the contact number provided on your reservation. We will make every attempt to reach you if there is any reason we will be unable to fly.

Cancellation Refund Policy:

48 hour cancellation is required for full refund. You must speak to someone verbally to confirm your cancellation. Please leave a message if you cannot reach us so we can return your call. No refunds will be given within 48 hours of flight unless due to a documented medical condition or emergency. We are very reasonable so contact us with extenuating circumstances, but please understand that when you make a reservation that keeps another paying customer from being able to fly that day, we expect that you will be there.

Visit our Official Zapata Flight Center Located in Nashville Shores at Cap’n Dave’s Water Sports


Open May 1st through Sept 30th.  Schedule in advance for best availability.


Purchase a Gift Card Redeemable for All Activities at Nashville FlyBoard!

Nashville FlyBoard

Lakeside Adventure Park Inside Nashville Shores!

Nashville FlyBoard has Teamed up with Cap’n Dave’s Water Sports to Bring Nashville the Best Water Sports Adventure Park Around!

If you’re in Nashville, come visit us at our private lakeside Flyboard haven inside Nashville Shores at Cap’n Dave’s Water Sports. Just 15 minutes from downtown Nashville, and 5 minutes from the airport, it’s a water sports lover’s dream come true! Bring the whole family ages 13 & up to Nashville FlyBoard & Cap’n Dave’s, where you can rent any Flyboard, Hoverboard, or JetPack by ZR®! Go next door to Cap’n Dave’s where you can rent Waverunners, SUP’s, Kayaks, and more! Follow Nashville Flyboard on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter to learn about our special events at other lakes too!

Traveling with a group? Host your event with Nashville FlyBoard & Cap’n Dave’s for an unfogettable experience! We’ll provide your group with a fun spot on the lake to hang out & swim while the other’s are flying

We’ll Come To You at Any Lake in Mid TN

Our Pros are equipped to travel to any lake in the Mid TN & Upper Cumberland regions, and serve your group for any type of event. We’ll help you plan your event, and make sure you have a party your guests will never forget! Call at 615-580-9030 to schedule your party or event.

Capn Daves Water Sports

About Our Booking Process:

  • Bookings are not confirmed until you receive a Confirmation email, or call. Your card will not be charged until the booking is confirmed.
  • Please Call (615) 580-9030 for Same Day Scheduling & Group Rates.
  • Group rates apply after 4 people.
  • 15% Off for Military & First Responders
  • Our season begins in May, and runs through October.
  • Online Booking requests will be accepted within 15 minutes – 2 hours on a normal business day.
  • If in the rare occurrence we cannot accommodate your requested time and date, we will contact you to offer a different time.
  • As we serve several lakes and locations, you can call us at (615) 580-9030, and we may be able to accommodate you at the location we are operating at that day.

Book at Our Special Events!

We’re taking fun to a whole new level! Bring some friends and try the FlyBoard® for a new low price! Book the Adrenaline Boost FlyBoard® for an adrenaline pumping adventure to find out what the FlyBoard® is all about!

We’ve got a great Lakeside location to make your FlyBoarding experience even better! By appointment only, Availability limited. We will accept Walk-Ups if we have availability during Events.

Check back for openings, or Book Now for Special Events. Call (615) 580-9030, or email to book a group or event.

Top 10 Highlights of Nashville FlyBoard

  1. We Offer the Best New Water Sports Adventures in the World!
  2. Safety & Customer Service is Our Top Priority
  3. Fly or It’s Free Guarantee
  4. The Most Efficient FlyBoard® and Water JetPack Setup on the Market
  5. The Latest Technology by Zapata Racing with Top of line gear
  6. Experienced Master & Certified FlyBoard® Instructors, Local to Nashville & Mid TN That Can Teach You in Minutes!
  7. Group Rates After 4 People
  8. 15% Military & First Responders Discount
  9. 5 Start Customer Ratings, Better Business Bureau Grade A
  10. Unique, Fun, Unforgettable Experience – Guaranteed!

Money Back Guarantee:

If you do not learn to Flyboard within your 30 minute session, you don’t pay! Most people are Flyboarding in the first five minutes after learning the basics. Excluded: people with recent surgeries, knee or ankle problems, other health problems, fear of water or heights. We do not recommend Flyboarding with any of these conditions.

Percy Priest Lake

Old Hickory Lake

Center Hill Lake

Tims Ford Lake

Dale Hollow Lake

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